In the Season of Dreams and Wishes, KotoStudios dreams with stars falling down from the highest tress of Imagination, and wishes you all to dream on too.

  • Escolinha do Figo2
    Escolinha do Figo2
  • KotoStudios Reel´12
    KotoStudios Reel´12
  • Brainining – Conto de Helloween
    Brainining – Conto de Helloween
  • Festival do Panda
    Festival do Panda
  • Adwin
  • Kung Lee
    Kung Lee
  • DreamFootball Awards´13
    DreamFootball Awards´13
  • El Corte Inglés – VARIEDADE.
    El Corte Inglés – VARIEDADE.
  • Palomita
  • NetOne 4G
    NetOne 4G
  • Esperânsia
  • KotoStudios Reel´09
    KotoStudios Reel´09
  • Açores – Região Europeia 2010
    Açores – Região Europeia 2010
  • Cor do Frio | Blue Cold
    Cor do Frio | Blue Cold
  • KotoStudios Xmas Card 2008
    KotoStudios Xmas Card 2008
  • Angola Fashion Week´14
    Angola Fashion Week´14
  • KotoStudios Reel’10
    KotoStudios Reel’10
  • Lord of the Voices.
    Lord of the Voices.
  • Eu sou o Figuito
    Eu sou o Figuito
  • Portimão CED 2019
    Portimão CED 2019
  • Quinta da Fonte promo
    Quinta da Fonte promo
  • o meu pai é…
    o meu pai é…